Embedded Art Programme

Roseberry Park Hospital Middlesbrough | Art Consultant with Maap Architects

An outline of proposals for the Commissioning of Art in a successful PFI bid for the former St Luke's Hospital redevelopment.

It was proposed that an arts strategy shall be developed to ensure the integration of art at the proposed redevelopment at St Luke's.

There were two main elements to the proposal for this large mental health facility :

1 a process to integrate art into the design and construction of the new facilities

2 an ongoing and longer term project, programmed according to the needs of the service users

The aim of Art and Nature: Healing is to combine art with architecture, landscape and health planning to improve the quality of life through linking the building users to their surroundings and natural setting.

Art and architecture as a means of engaging with the cyclic character of the ecology, changing rhythms of elements, sunlight, colour of sky, and plant life. The principle is based on the art and architecture interface as the vehicle to bring natural phenomena nearer to the patient (and staff's) experience. This concept is particularly appropriate for longer term stay, where people are withdrawn from the natural habitat and are in need of emotional support to raise their self esteem.

Proposed Art Programme

It may be possible, working through an Arts Programme, to harmonise the individual's psychological and physiological state with the rhythms of natural phenomena, such as changes in the elements and seasons. To establish through creativity with nature a healthy equilibrium between personal internal emotional landscape and external surroundings.

The patient focussed art will be related to the patient space and is largely incorporated into the surrounding fabric of the building. The concept is to introduce art in relation to space and node points to experience changes in nature.

The award winning 312 bed Roseberry Park Hospital was completed in 2010.

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